Saturday, 14 April 2018

New Plants

We have recently updated the website with stunning new Nepenthes! In a variety of sizes (in long tom pots and hanging baskets) all with beautiful pitchers. These are some fantastic specimens and represent great value for money for the size of the plants available.

 The Nepenthes x ventrata medium in hanging basket are probably the easiest to grow if you are just staring out with these fascinating plants. 

MNC166 Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' 


The medium Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' are also great value and produce dark purple pitchers with a toothed peristome and are ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. 

NMC821 Nepenthes ventricosa x robcantleyi

 The ventricosa x robcantleyi in time produce HUGE pitchers and have proved very popular at our open weekends. 

We have also added some new collections including these plants for an excellent price! Hurry as stocks are limited.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Early Spring Post

Well its been quite a cold Spring here, we still haven't got any flowers open yet and I think this is one of our slowest years. I remember 8 or 9 years ago we had our first Sarracenia purpurea venosa flower open the middle of February! I can see any flowers opening till at least another three weeks. Sadly I have had to cancel the Ascot Spring flower show due to this. Which we would have been attending on the 13th-15th of April.

We have been busy on the nursery dividing and potting up sales plants, also potting on some of our large display plants for the flower shows and open weekends we will be holding and attending this year. which will include:
- Spring open weekend 28th-29th April
- Malvern Spring flower show 10th-13th May
- Chelsea flower show 22nd-26th May
- BBC Gardeners World 14th-17th June
- Hampton Court 2nd-8th July
We will not be attending Tatton Park flower show but will be having an open weekend 21st-22nd of July
- Wisley flower show 4th-9th September

We have been updating the website and will continue to do this through to entire growing season

Dividing up some Sarracenia sales plants for the coming year.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Spring Open Weekend

We are holding a Spring open weekend!

This will be quite different from our usual open weekend because the plants will be looking completely different. There will be various varieties and you will be able to see the stunning flowers as the new growth comes through. We would love for you to come, especially keen Sarracenia collectors, as the greenhouse will look very different. Also a chance to see the RHS outdoor Sarracenia trial in the Spring.
 Free admission & Refreshments provided.

The Spring open weekend is on the 28-29th April 10.00 till 5.00

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Stroudwood Nursery
Stroudwood Lane
Lower Upham
SO32 1HG

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Open Weekend 2018

Our open weekend this year is on the 21-22 of July From 10am till 5pm. We hope that there will be many old and new faces this year and the weather will be great (fingers crossed!).

With the widest range of quality carnivorous plants available in the UK for the beginner to the keen collector, there is something for everyone. Sundry items, books and compost will also be available. There is also a chance to see the RHS outdoor Sarracenia trial.
Free admission & Refreshments provided.

Click here for the Facebook event page 

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Stroudwood Nursery
Stroudwood Lane
Lower Upham
SO32 1HG

Monday, 16 October 2017

A roundup of this year

The growing season this year started very early for us in Hampshire, with some exceptionally warm weather towards the end of April and beginning of May which was fantastic for Malvern and Chelsea flower show. But the plats started to go over much earlier than usual and it was a real struggle to select plants foe the flower shows later in the season especially Malvern Autumn! We have had a very busy year with all the shows winning best in show at Malvern spring! As well as gold at Chelsea, Hampton court, Tatton, Malvern autumn and platinum at BBC gardeners world. With such great achievements were hoping for the same or even better results at next years shows.

Our open weekend was a great success and we were able to meet old and new faces! We hope to add more open weekends next year so you will be able to see the plants growing during spring and early Summer

The greenhouse is being extended at the moment ready for next year to provide a larger growing area mainly for new sarracenia forms and hybrids, we are also hoping to extend the Nepenthes growing area , should be finished in a couple of weeks weather depending.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

An update

Sorry for not posting over the past couple of months we've been busy with shows and preparing for the open weekend.

Its been a busy year and we have been to quite a few shows this year with really good results! At our 20th year at Malvern spring we were awarded best in show which was a great start for us. We were pleased to get our 19th gold at Chelsea with our first island display as well as being featured on the TV and even showing Princess Beatrice the display.
We have also got our 19th gold at Hampton Court so this year has been very successful and hopefully we can have the same result for next year. Now we are focusing on making sure the plants look great for the show to come.

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Please don't forget that the open weekend is coming up on the 12 and 13th of August and we would really like to see you there! With a wide range of quality plants as well as books, compost and sundry items and a chance to see the outdoor RHS Sarracenia trial. It's free admission and refreshments will be provided.

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Stroudwood Nursery
Stroudwood Lane
Lower Upham
SO32 1HG

Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Greenhouse

Everything is growing really well at the moment, Sarracenia, Drosera and Dionaea are really flying away and you can almost see them grow by the day. We are using a lot of rainwater at the moment as we do every Spring but this year we have had very little rain for what seems like weeks now, we could really do with some in the next few weeks. 

Meanwhile, not forgetting the Nepenthes we have a few very nice large Nepenthes hybrids potted in hanging baskets available now on the website which are well worth a look. If you are looking for an impressive large Nepenthes to fill a gap in a tropical greenhouse, these are the plants for you.

N. CV Rebecca Soper

N. CV Bloody Mary

N. CV Louisa

N.CV Linda
N. x ventrata