Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cephalotus winter care

Winter care for Cephalotus

This overcast, damp foggy weather we have had here on the nursery this last week can be the kiss of death for Cephalotus. Be vigilant and remove any dead pitchers or leaves, these are best pulled out gently rather than cut off. 

Remember to keep the plants just damp rather than wet on capillary matting (available on our website). 

At this time of year never overhead spray the plants with water and make sure no water dripping onto the plants from above as this could cause rot or botrytis (grey mould).

We keep our plants unheated over the winter and have had temperatures as low as -9c! Plants have been fine as long as they are not too wet. By keeping these plants at lower temperatures you will find your plants are more colourful.

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