Saturday, 14 April 2018

New Plants

We have recently updated the website with stunning new Nepenthes! In a variety of sizes (in long tom pots and hanging baskets) all with beautiful pitchers. These are some fantastic specimens and represent great value for money for the size of the plants available.

 The Nepenthes x ventrata medium in hanging basket are probably the easiest to grow if you are just staring out with these fascinating plants. 

MNC166 Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' 


The medium Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' are also great value and produce dark purple pitchers with a toothed peristome and are ideal for a kitchen or bathroom. 

NMC821 Nepenthes ventricosa x robcantleyi

 The ventricosa x robcantleyi in time produce HUGE pitchers and have proved very popular at our open weekends. 

We have also added some new collections including these plants for an excellent price! Hurry as stocks are limited.

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